Here is your visual companion to Episode 17, From Russia with Love.  We hope that you enjoy these tattoos as much as Leah does:


5. Awkwardly Shocked Angry Cat

“All power to The Godfathers” says the uneasy cat.











4. This One’s Two Cats

“Separation is hell when you’re not beside me” sounds so sweet when you ignore the stealing and murdering part.









3. A Cat in a Hat (With a Pipe and a Bow)

This is the face of a cat who has “no resources to support a conscience.” Josh is triggered.











2. Misha the Bear

Here folks, is a grade A hooligan bear. Say hi to Misha the accordion player.











1. Big Cat

“Take out bitches, stool-pigeons, and traitors!” And if that isn’t enough, you get your acronym down below that stands for “shooting will reform me.” We got our winner, folks.













If you enjoyed this episode, let us know, and maybe we’ll keep doing more of Leah’s Top Five lists.

As always, thanks for listening. We appreciate you guys!

– L & J


A first in a series of episodes on tattoo myths – in this episode we talk about some of the things you’ve heard about tattoos and how they are all wrong.  On the way, Josh learns some ugly things about the industry that he never knew.  Join us for Josh’s awakening with Episode 13!

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We’ve all been young and stupid, or old and stupid, or just stupid, at one time or another.  But don’t fret. Tattoos may be there forever, but a tattoo cover up is forever too.  Learn more about cover-ups and hear some of Leah’s stories, ranging from tattoo regrets, and tattoos that people should have regretted, in Episode 11 – Tattoo Regerts.