This episode we discussed some of the major gangs in the U.S. and their tattoos. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so without further adieu…


Here’s an example of a Crip tattoo. The BK stands for Blood Killer. As we said, most of their obsession lies with how much they hate their rival bloods.


Here’s an example of a Blood tattoo. The MOB is Member of Bloods. The PIRU refers to Piru street in Compton, and the corresponding PIRU street gang, which are considered the “original” bloods.


Ah, yes, the ole’ AB. Racist, violent, and murderous are the three words I’d use to describe them.

The 666 Shamrock can be seen below. In the episode we chatted about the need to simultaneously symbolize the devil and one’s Gaelic whiteness all in one tattoo. Here it is.

I can only assume this gentlemen did something to serve the greater good of the gang. He has the Parteiadler to prove it.


Don’t be fooled, it isn’t Aslan. This gentleman is a member of the Latin Kings.


I have decided this is the only gang that scares me as much as the Russian Mob. I’m just going to leave these here.

Oh, and here is the El Salvador Coat of Arms.

An MS-13 gang member’s tattoos are seen in this undated image from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Via Wikimedia Commons)


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