This week we go back a bit, to early American tattooing and its influence on the tattoos we see today. Leah and Josh talk about their meaning, and a little about why Leah got some of the same tattoos. Swallows, anchors, and panthers, oh my.

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  1. Jason Click

    For the next tattoo myth episode I have one related to the heavy metals question you answered at the start. Does black tattoo ink have iron in it and will it get hot when you’re in an MRI?

    ps. I was mad that Josh missed a chance to bring up the broken window fallacy in episode 12.
    pps. I am thirsty for Thirsty Thursdays
    ppps. You’ve got an error on your website code on episode 11

    1. We’ll put that one away for the next mythical episode! I’ll tell Josh to slip in more economics – the people have spoken! Thirsty Thursdays will be back this week. (I was slacking). I’mma fix episode 11 right now. Thanks for letting me know! – Leah

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